Detective from Montenegro

The famous eccentric, oversize and brilliant detective Nero Wolfe from New York in the early 1930s just began his ascent to the heights of popularity. But already he had the appearance that is well-known to millions of his fans - corpulent (1/7 ton or 143 kg weight with a height of 180 centimeters) сonnoisseur of orchid, beer and Gourmet cuisine. But in fact, he was a sporty and gracile young man about 20 years before. 

He was born in the late XIX century in a mountainous area near the city of Cetinje - the ancient capital of Montenegro. Being smart and astute teenager he was working for Evidenzbureau - military intelligence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. At that time he was not yet a stay-at-home. According to his words he was easily passing up to 60 kilometers through the mountains to reach a small house on the shores of the Bay of Kotor for another assignment. 

However, the beginning of the World War I dramatically changed his life. Being a patriot, he joined the ranks of Serbian-Montenegrin troops and began to fight against the Austrians. Alas, the victory was not on their side. Perhaps the days of famine in 1916 in the war-ravaged Serbian city of Zagreb affected his passion for food in aftertime. Later he narrated: "Once again I was able to eat only when the United States entered the war and I walked six hundred miles to enlist in the American corps". 

Then there were more than 10 years of very, apparently, adventurous life in Europe and Africa. He did not say much about it. There were ups that allowed him to buy property in Cairo, there were falls that led him to the Algerian prison. In the mid-20's, he managed to get American citizenship and after a few years moved over the ocean. As Wolfe himself said, he was "a man with the means" at that time. So, he purchased a luxury house on West 35th Street in Manhattan near the Hudson River. Since there he left it very rarely unless the most extreme cases. 

However, once he still undertook a long trip. On March 11, 1954, he returned to Montenegro with his assistant Archie Goodwin to solve the murder of Wolfe's boyhood friend Marco Vukcic, the renowned New York restaurateur and owner of the trendy place Rusterman. Shortly before that, the adoptive daughter of Nero Clara Lovćen also died from the hands of the same gang. Only the week was needed for the great detective to solve both crimes. On Friday, March 19, he left his homeland for good, having completely revenged his close people.

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